ePaper Expo | September 20-22, 2023

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ePaper Expo | September 20-22, 2023

ePaper Industry Eco-Zone and ePaper Innovation Conference (ePIC) Shine at the 20th International IoT Exhibition in Shenzhen (IOTE)


From September 20th to 22nd, 2023, at Hall 10 of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an), a 1,000-square-meter ePaper Industry Eco-Zone will be set up, featuring more than 20 upstream and downstream ePaper companies, showcasing at the 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition. With five major highlights, this event will definitely be worth your visit.

Note: There are currently 5 remaining exhibition booths in the ePaper Industry Eco-Zone. If any exhibitor companies have a need to participate, please contact the Secretariat of theePaper Industry Alliance.


Highlight One: 1,000 Square Meters ePaper Industry Eco-Zone

As a highlight of the 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition, the ePaper Industry Eco-Zone brings together more than 20 upstream and downstream ePaper companies. It covers various aspects such as ePaper film, ePaper modules, chips, adhesives, batteries, and showcases a wide range of applications, including smart retail, smart office, smart logistics, smart education, smart healthcare, smart aviation, and smart transportation. This dedicated zone allows you to have direct communication with the entire ePaper industry chain.


Some of the exhibitors in the ePaper Industry Eco-Zone include E Ink Corporation, BOE Technology Group, XingTai Technology, Oriental Techlink, Qingyue Optoelectronics, Unigroup Spreadtrum RDA, Chitwing Optronics, Han Shuo, Make Innovation, Penghui Energy, Shenzhen YOUBAO New Materials, Chongqing Yuxin Microelectronics, Shenzhen Pick Smart, Shenzhen Rongya IoT, Suzhou Yitaylor, Shenzhen Jinzhiqiao, Suzhou Zhiwu, Dalian Wude, Ningbo Yuanxin, and more.

Year 2022 IOTE


Highlight Two: Thousands of ePaper Interactive Prizes Await You

 The ePaper Industry Eco-Zone at this exhibition will prepare 1000 special interactive prizes to be distributed on-site to the attending guests. These prizes are made from ePaper and are innovative gifts not available in the current market. They will be distributed through on-site Q&A sessions and special tour activities.

2022's Gift list


Highlight Three: 20-Year ePaper Application "Pioneering" Exhibition Stand and Gold Award Presentation

In the ePaper Industry Eco-Zone of this exhibition, there will be a special exhibition stand dedicated to showcasing the "pioneering" ePaper applications from the past 20 years since 2004. This exhibition will focus on displaying a wide range of innovative applications that have emerged using ePaper technology. Additionally, there will be inspiring innovation stories from these pioneering application companies, providing a comprehensive picture of the innovative journey of the ePaper industry.

The "Pioneering" Gold Award Ceremony for ePaper applications will take place at the inaugural ePaper Innovation Conference (ePIC) on September 21st.

If your company has any ePaper application "pioneering" projects that we are not aware of, please visit inn.ePaperia.com or follow the official WeChat account "电子纸产业联盟" (ePaper Industry Alliance) to submit your application.


Highlight Four: The First ePaper Industry Innovation Application Forum

On September 21, 2023, the second day of the 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition, the inaugural ePaper Industry Innovation Application Forum will be held at the same venue as the ePaper Industry Eco-Zone, in Hall 3 of the exhibition center (Hall 10). At this forum, upstream and downstream companies in the ePaper industry will gather together once again for discussions and presentations.

This forum will bring together various innovative application-themed speeches on ePaper, focusing on showcasing the innovative applications of ePaper in various fields. The forum will be free of charge for on-site visitors. The proposed forum topics include:



Review of 20 years of innovation in the ePaper industry

"Pioneering" Gold Award Ceremony for ePaper Innovation Applications


Display Focus:

Latest product roadmap and planning for color ePaper

Prism 3: Achieving dynamic color changes on product surfaces

Latest developments in new ePaper technologies


Solution Focus:

Development and application of large-sized ePaper devices

Sustainable label solutions using low-light energy harvesting

Digitized management of smart ePaper waybills

Implementation of 3mm digital name tags using card-style ePaper intercoms

Combination of passive power harvesting technology and ePaper applications


Model Focus:

Business models and case studies of smart circular packaging

Case studies on the integration of color ePaper devices with advertising media placements


Highlight Five: The 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition

From September 20th to 22nd, the innovative applications and ecological zone of ePaper are just one of the shining stars in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT). The International Internet of Things Exhibition, as one of the largest IoT-themed exhibitions in the world, covers a wide range of industries, has a large venue area, and attracts high visitor traffic, gaining unanimous recognition from the industry. This exhibition covers the entire IoT industry chain, bringing together industry leaders and emerging players in three major exhibition halls. It focuses on topics such as RFID, sensors, high-precision positioning, ePaper, general security, communications, cloud platforms, artificial intelligence, industrial IoT, and smart cities. It is expected to attract the participation of over 800 companies and more than 100,000 industry professionals.

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