Global ePaper Industry Weekly Bulletin #22|ePaper Solution Providers at ISE 2024

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Quadrant Lab, in collaboration with the ePaper Industry Alliance (EPIA) has launched the Quadrant.ePaper weekly bulletin, aiming to provide readers with insights on global industry innovations and the latest news on the ePaper industry and connecting the global IoT ecosystem.

01 PPDS Showcases Philips Tableaux Low Power ePaper Signage

Global renowned display solution provider PPDS made a grand appearance at ISE 2024, showcasing the Philips Tableaux series of color ePaper signage products. This series is designed for offline retail as well as environments such as exhibition halls and galleries, providing vibrant visual effects while minimizing power consumption.

The screens feature the latest Spectra 6 full-color ePaper display technology from E Ink, with a color gamut of over 60K, readable in sunlight and glare-free. In terms of software, Philips Tableaux utilizes Android SoC to provide multifunctional solutions and enable secure remote management, ensuring stable and reliable usage.

02 Sharp NEC Showcases 13-inch and 25-inch ePaper Signage at ISE 2024

Renowned display manufacturer Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe made a stunning appearance at ISE with its newly launched color ePaper signage on January 24th this year. They unveiled the 13-inch and 25-inch ePaper signage products, thus opening a new era of energy-saving signage solutions. Thanks to the ACeP full-color ePaper technology, these signs offer outstanding paper-like visual experience, excellent contrast, wide viewing angles, and fine resolution, conveying Sharp NEC’s concept of sustainable development and user visual comfort.

As an ideal substitute for paper posters, ePaper is particularly suitable for scenarios that require regular updates of static content, such as offline retail promotions, menu boards, timetables, or check-in and boarding gate information in transportation environments.

03 RapidSignage Hybrid-CMS Made Its 1ST Debut, Integrating LED and Prism

RapidSignage is an ePaper solution provider from Taiwan, China, established in 2015, with many years of focus on system integration and the digital signage market, providing customized and packaged digital signage and industrial software solutions.

At ISE, RapidSignage brought an innovative solution called Hybrid-CMS, jointly developed with the technology art team noiseKitchen Art. It perfectly integrates LED light panels with color-changing ePaper technology Prism, creating a creative and versatile digital signage that meets various information display needs.

Hybrid-CMS uses the RS-CMS multimedia playback system independently developed by the RapidSignage, which can simultaneously control various forms and sizes of displays, including LCD, LED, bar screens, and even ePaper. RapidSignage stated that the launch of Hybrid-CMS is not only about transportation information but also a new milestone in urban intelligence.

04 Cymmetrik Unveils Net Zero ePaper Smart Retail Solution at ISE 2024

Cymmetrik, a printing application solution company from Taiwan, China, made a brilliant appearance at ISE together with RapidSignage at the same booth. Since its establishment in 1969, Cymmetrik has been providing professional packaging labels and printing application services for international electronic, daily chemical, automotive, and medical brand manufacturers. At the exhibition, Cymmetrik showcased its latest Net Zero ePaper smart retail solution and products such as batteries and optical films.

Officially launched in 2023, Net Zero is the world’s first solution that effectively collects indoor light sources to power electronic labels through centrally placed photovoltaic modules deployed on top and achieves net-zero standards. Electronic labels can be used for dynamic rotating marketing content, enabling real-time marketing. Combined with fashionable shelves, Net Zero brings more possibilities to offline retail.

05 SEEKINK Unveils S253 Full-color ePaper Signage at ISE 2024

As one of the chairing units of the ePaper Industry Alliance, SEEKINK is committed to being a pioneer and leader in the ePaper industry chain. At ISE 2024, SEEKINK showcased the latest full-color ePaper signage and other multi-scene ePaper display solutions.

As one of the flagship products in SEEKINK’s ePaper machine series, the S253 has low saturation and is extremely visually impactful with full colors, combined with paper-like display that immediately gives a unique sense of beauty. The 25.3-inch 16:9 large-size screen is equipped with E Ink Gallery Plus color ePaper display technology, using blue, magenta, yellow, and white color electronic ink particles, dynamically combining and mixing colors through voltage control to achieve a display of 60,000 colors. Sufficient visible area and rich realistic colors collectively contribute to such an indoor signage product.

06 DynaScan Showcases Color ePaper Outdoor Signage at ISE 2024

DynaScan, an innovative display solutions provider, showcased its latest sustainable digital out-of-home (DOOH) solution using color ePaper technology at ISE 2024.

The solution utilizes E Ink Kaleido 3 color ePaper technology and comes in three sizes: 13.3 inches, 25.3 inches, and 42 inches. It offers excellent visibility in sunlight and consumes less power. It can operate within a temperature range of -15 to 65 ℃, making it suitable for challenging environments such as storefronts and outdoor settings. DynaScan plans to release even larger sizes in collaboration with E Ink in the future.

07 Papercast Unveils Sustainable Outdoor ePaper Passenger Information Display Solution

Papercast, a world-leading outdoor ePaper signage solution provider, showcased its sustainable battery/solar-powered outdoor ePaper signage at ISE 2024. Papercast’s ePaper signage series comes in sizes ranging from 13 inches to a maximum of 42 inches, available in fixed and portable options.

At ISE 2024, Papercast also demonstrated its indoor color ePaper signage. With industry-leading power efficiency, Papercast’s solution significantly extends the battery life on a single charge. The devices can be wirelessly connected to content management systems and placed anywhere, allowing for easy redeployment.

08 Longshine Showcases 31.5-inch Spectra 6 ePaper Signage

Longshine, a German company, showcased the stunning 31.5-inch E Ink Spectra 6 color ePaper signage SA3P02 at ISE 2024. The 31.5-inch screen, combined with a narrow bezel design, greatly enhances the visible area and maximizes the color performance of Spectra 6. The SA3P02, utilizing Spectra 6, also offers shorter screen update times, resulting in lower overall power consumption. Equipped with the Android 12 operating system and a MicroSD card, it can quickly update content remotely via Wi-Fi for seamless playback.

Longshine also showcased its newly developed outdoor ePaper signage series, which has a high protection rating of IP66 to meet the demands of various harsh environments.

09 Visionect ePaper Solution Brings the Perfect Visual Experience

As a renowned European ePaper signage solution provider, Visionect showcased its “Next Generation Content Management” Place & Play CMS series digital signage products at ISE 2024, further highlighting the infinite charm of ePaper to the general public.

At the ISE event, the team demonstrated the newly developed content management system (CMS), showcasing its seamless integration with state-of-the-art hardware solutions. The new solution stands out with its enhanced frame rate control, line-by-line image optimization, and customized output preview, delivering a stunning visual experience.

10 BOE Brings ePaper Smart Workplace Solution at ISE 2024

BOE, a global leader in IoT solutions and display manufacturing, has made its presence felt in various display technology fields. At ISE 2024, in addition to the impressive BOE MLED display solution, BOE also showcased its smart office solution based on ePaper technology. The 7.5-inch black and white/red tri-color ePaper elctronic nameplate and large-sized ePaper conference doorplate attracted attention.

It is reported that BOE is vigorously promoting BOE MLED and continuously exporting cutting-edge products to the European market, hoping to further expand its market through ISE 2024.

11 Televic Unveils Impressive PLIXUS NAMPLATE at ISE 2024

Televic, a company dedicated to conference technology and providing users with stable and reliable conference experiences, presented the powerful PLIXUS NAMEPLATE. This ePaper electronic nameplate stands out with its long and narrow proportion and unique paper-like visual experience. It features an ultra-thin design, making it easy to read, display, and update participant information. Thanks to the bistable nature of ePaper, it can achieve extremely low power consumption.

Participants at the conference can make calls and check the status indicators on the top LED strip using the buttons at the bottom. The user-friendly and flexible accompanying software effectively enhances meeting efficiency and supports quick configuration for users.

12 Tint Technologies Showcases Low Power ePaper Signage with Unique Industrial Aesthetics

Tint Technologies, an ePaper signage expert from Estonia, showcased its elegant 9.7-inch and 13.3-inch ePaper signage at ISE 2024, inviting visitors to experience and explore the future trends of digital signage. The ePaper digital signage products by Tint Technologies are designed by an expert team, featuring exquisite and elegant designs. The devices support both wired PoE and wireless communication methods and have achieved extremely low power consumption through continuous iterations in software and hardware.

Tint Technologies is dedicated to digitizing signage and continuously expanding the application scenarios of its products. It is reported that the company has successfully implemented its ePaper signage products in various museums, universities, hospitals, and office buildings in Estonia.

13 Litemax Showcases ECOgreenpixel ePaper Signage

Litemax Electronics, a leading industrial display solution provider from Taiwan, China showcased its impressive SSD7301 series outdoor digital signage products at ISE 2024. It also introduced the ECOgreenpixel series ePaper signage products, which embody green innovation. The ECOgreenpixel series currently includes four various models: a 13.3-inch black and white 16-gray scale, a 42-inch black and white 16-gray scale, a 25.3-inch full-color 30K color gamut, and a 28-inch narrow full-color 30K color gamut.

According to the team present at the exhibition, the ECOgreenpixel series represents the company’s value concept in actively practicing ESG strategies and aims to convey it to the whole society.

14 Joan Showcases Latest Smart Workplace Management Solution at ISE 2024

Joan, a well-known leading smart office solution provider, showcased its latest integrated workplace management system solution based on ePaper at ISE 2024. It invited visitors to explore the cutting-edge devices and discuss the trends of future workplace management transformation.

The Joan Workplace Management System is Joan’s latest research and development achievement, which can help improve efficiency in office management for businesses and has cost-effectiveness in long-term use. Visitors at the exhibition can personally experience interactive visitor management and feel how Joan reshapes the way visitors are received. The integrated design includes various sustainable ePaper digital signage from rooms to desks, achieving extremely low power consumption while displaying concise information.

15 Cutting-edge Smart Workplace Solution company, FLEXEZ & OOMMNIS Appeared at ISE 2024

As a new and competitive technology company, FLEX EZ showcased a smart office solution jointly developed with OMMNIS at ISE 2024, providing users with many conveniences. For example, it simplifies meeting room management and supports selecting display solutions that suit different business styles. Considering green energy-saving and environmental protection, this solution extensively utilizes ePaper and is equipped with techniques from OOMNIS and Qbic for zero power consumption display and low-power network support.

According to the team, the highlight of this solution lies in its integration of supporting software, hardware platforms, and third-party systems, helping users transform any meeting room into an IoT-enabled smart meeting room. It will continue to be iterated in the future to enhance user experience.


Global ePaper Industry Weekly Bulletin