Hanshow’s new solar powered electronic shelf labels: a giant leap towards sustainability

By EPIA  | Updated: 2022-02-10 10:04:39

Digital retail solutions provider Hanshow has announced a major technology breakthrough with its first solar powered electronic shelf label. This new product, Nebular Lux, is setting the course for enhanced sustainability of digital solutions and IoT devices.


Improving energy efficiency and decreasing energy intensity is a priority for companies around the world as they seek to reduce emissions and waste pollution through their operations. Nebular Lux, the first solar powered ESL from Hanshow, a member of the E-paper Industry Alliance, is just such a product. The ESL is equipped with a solar cell allowing luminous energy to be harvested from both sunlight or florescent lights that can then be stored in a tiny Lithium-Manganese battery, which is a quarter of the size of Hanshow’s already breakthrough flexible lithium ion battery in the Nebular series. This recharging function allows for significantly more display changes and increase in battery efficiency.  


By eliminating the use of paper price tags by using E-paper, ESL already contribute to a significant reduction in waste for retailers. An average supermarket store network will throw away millions of price tags each year. ESL allow for the same label to have updated displays across products for its entire lifespan. However the batteries that power ESL only last for a couple of years often resulting in waste from batteries being replaced instead of paper. Hanshow’s Nebular ESL series made significant advancements in ESL lifespan and battery technology with a flexible lithium ion battery that lasts up to 15 years, but the battery is not rechargeable.      


In addition to eliminating paper label waste and now reducing electronic waste from retailer operations Hanshow also offers other advancements on sustainability. When managing these digital devices on a cloud network such as Hanshow’s SaaS based on Microsoft Azure, energy consumption is significantly decreased compared to local IT infrastructure. Hanshow also adopted new product shipping methods that reduced its packaging materials by over 20%.  


“This groundbreaking solar powered electronic shelf label is a gateway for Hanshow to continue improving the sustainability of our digital retail solutions,” said Hanshow CEO Shiguo Hou. “We will continue expanding and improving the adoption of renewable energy into Hanshow IoT devices. The future of retail will be both digital and sustainable.”