EPIA Show Room: January Visitor Report

By EPIA  | Updated: 2022-02-25 16:29:25

Since its official opening in early December 2021, the showroom for innovative ePaper applications -Creativity Beyond Paper has attracted a number of visitors, including members of the E-paper Industry Alliance (EPIA), industry value chain enterprises and governmental officials.


On January 5, Dai Zhongdong, chairman of Shanghai Fudan Hualong Microsystem Technology and Cao Zhongmin, sales director of Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group visited the showroom. The EPIA Secretary General Jerry Zuo, introduced the application of ePaper in eight fields, including retail, healthcare, education, smart office, transportation, aviation, smart factory, and logistics. At present, the passive NFC-powered ePaper, whose NFC chip is independently developed by Fudan Microelectronics, has been successfully applied in industrial fields. During the visit, the two enterprises discussed on the possibilities of broader applications of the technology in logistics, consumption and other new fields.

On January 6, Ming Yan, marketing manager, emerging technology BU, Wanhua Chemical Group, came to visit the showroom. Yan said that ePaper has been rapidly applied in various fields in recent years, and it offers great opportunities for conductive adhesives in this field. In the future, Wanhua will actively cooperate with various ePaper module manufacturers.

On January 7, Huang Junyue, sales director of Nurlink Technology, visited the showroom, accompanied by Qi Jun from the EPIA. Qi introduced the application of ePaper in eight fields. Huang said that ePaper with low power consumption is best suited for IoT field. With the rapid development of 5G IoT communication SoC chips, ePaper will also have great prospects in new IoT field.


On January 14, Xiong Xin, director of commercial display products of TPV Technology China, an EPIA member, visited. The EPIA Secretary General Jerry Zuo introduced the application and development trend of ePaper in various fields. Xiong and his team showed great interest in the application of color ePaper in metro advertising. This application enables advertisements to be presented dynamically in large numbers, and allows advertisements to be more effectively and accurately placed. Then, Xiong also shared a series of ePaper products such as conference table cards, readers, monitors and outdoor billboards developed and produced by TPV. Meanwhile, Xiong claimed that TPV will increase research and production efforts in the ePaper field, and the company is willing to join the EPIA standardization task groups of education and smart office.


On January 17, Wang Jun, technical manager of Yanfeng Plastic Omnium Automotive Exterior Systems, an automotive exterior supplier, visited the showroom. Qi Jun from the EPIA introduced the application of ePaper in various fields. Wang said that the bistable, reflective, low power consumption and other characteristics of ePaper can be better applied to automotive exteriors. The two parties further discussed related technical issues in this regard.


On January 20, Gao Zhongbao, senior material manager of Human Horizons, the manufacturer of the luxury intelligent pure electric vehicle HiPhi, and the company’s color and exterior decoration team visited. The team first visited the ePaper innovative application experience space to learn more about the existing application fields and development trends of ePaper. Then, the two parties discussed the characteristics and the working environment of ePaper, and the application of E Ink PrismTM series products in the automotive field.


On January 21, Eric Liang, business development director of Telink Semiconductor, a developer of IoT chips, visited the showroom to learn the innovative ePaper applications in various fields. At present, the IoT chip independently developed by Telink has been widely used in the field of ePaper price tags. Liang said that Telink will in the future focus on expanding the production and development of chips to support the ePaper devices in retail industry and other possible fields.


On January 21, Li Pengyun, marketing manager of QingYue Optoelectronics Technology, which is an ePaper module manufacturer as well as an EPIA member, visited. Li first visited the ePaper innovation application experience space to get understanding of the development trend of ePaper in various fields. He gave recognition to the expansion of ePaper in the field of logistics. The bistable and low power consumption characteristics of ePaper meet the needs of the express and logistics industry to display the contents of face sheets to the greatest extent, while contributing to achieving the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.


The EPIA welcomes more companies to visit and exchange ideas at the Innovative Application Experience Space - Creativity Beyond Paper. At the same time, we welcome all kinds of ePaper related products to be deployed in the showroom.