ePaper Trends and Sustainable Development Forum 2022

By EPIA  | Updated: 2022-03-22 09:59:14

In the long river of human history, the carrier of recording characters, has experienced constant changes, from the original oracle bone, ceramic pieces to bamboo slips and then to paper. Now the electronic display technology is passing on as a new carrier of characters.

Among LCD, AMOLED, LED and other display technologies, ePaper is distinguished by its paper-like features such as being reflective, bi-stable consuming zero power when image doesn’t change. Compared with traditional display technology emitting light, ePaper has advantage in energy saving and eyesight protection.

At present, ePaper products are mainly applied in the consumer market, such as readers, notebooks, mobile phones, laptop PCs, desktop monitors, and smart home products. There are eight business segments ePaper is playing a role more and more important, including retail, healthcare, education, smart office, transportation, aviation, smart factory and logistics.

According to the research data of "ePaper Industry Market Development Report" by ePaper Insight of CINNO Research, the market value of global ePaper display products reached about US$4 billion in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of nearly 50%, driving the total production value of upstream and downstream industry value chain to more than CNY 100 billion. ePaper Insight predicts that global ePaper product shipments will double in 2022. With the further popularization of color and flexible ePaper technologies, the market size of ePaper industry will continue to grow at a high level.

So how big is the ePaper industry in terms of applications? What is the irreplaceable value and role of ePaper? What is the current situation and future trend of ePaper industry in various fields?

On April 27-28, 2022, the E-Paper Industry Alliance (EPIA) and ePaper Insight will host the first "ePaper Trends and Sustainable Development Forum" in Shanghai. They will present the authoritative release of ePaper data and information in technological innovation, market application, industry status, future trend, industry planning and other aspects, bringing you a high-end summit of the ePaper industry.