Inquiry received by the EPIA in its first year

By   | Updated: 2022-03-31 17:18:57

The E-paper Industry Alliance (EPIA) is ushering in its first anniversary of founding. Almost every week throughout the past year, the EPIA has received inquiries from its members and companies on the ePaper value chain. By March 2022, a total of 130 business inquiries and demands have been received by EPIA with 118 having been closed, and 90.7% has been handled or delivered to the right partners. Among which, 60 inquiries have well transformed into a valid lead with action followed, representing a 50.8% successful ratio.


In terms of the application segment, most inquiries are in the Smart office, Education, Smart factory and Logistics, accounted for 38%,19%,11% and 9%.

    In terms of the nature of the inquiries, most are looking for cooperation in the sales channels of finished products as well as in the development of new products. There are also others seeking cooperation in the promotion of innovative chipsets, system solution, carbon footprint and low blue-ray certifications.