Visitor summary of EPIA showroom

By   | Updated: 2022-03-31 17:22:14

    It has been 100 days since the E-paper Industry Alliance (EPIA) officially opened its showroom to the public since December 2021 in Shanghai. During this period, a total of 65 batches of visitors paid visit to the showroom involving 169 people, who mainly came from the EPIA members, ePaper value chain partners, financial institutions, government departments, industry organizations and the media.


Among the visitors, 34 visits are from EPIA members, and 31 belong to other catagory.

    The enterprise visitors are mainly in the areas of chip makers, ePaper manufacturers, smart office, transportation, retail, peripherals, and logistics.

    The visitors are mainly interested in prospect of ePaper application, ePaper market potential, and industry trends.