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E Ink iPad Rival ‘reMarkable’ Sells More Than 1 Million Devices


By Hartley Charlton

May 11, 2022

E-ink tablet maker "reMarkable" has now sold more than one million devices since 2017 and raised money at a valuation of $1 billion, indicating that its unusual minimalist reading- and writing-focused tablet is growing its market share despite competition with fully-fledged tablets like the iPad (via TechCrunch). The Norway-based startup company, which employs more than 300 people, has announced that it achieved investment from multiple international investors at its $1 billion valuation last year. The company's valuation comes after making revenues of $300 million and operating profits of $31 million in 2021. Founder and CEO Magnus Wanberg said that the company was now closing the investment as a "good indication, a signal out to the world."


First Look at the Hisense Hi Reader

Good eReader

By Michael Kozlowski

May 11, 2022

Hisense is well-known in the e-paper world for releasing E INK enabled smartphones. They have been issuing devices like this for the past four years and lately they have been expanding into other areas. The first, was the Hisense HIFI Touch, which is a dedicated music player that supports all of the major formats, such as FLAC. It featured Android and employed a 3.5mm headphone jack, for wired connections. A couple of weeks ago, they released their first dedicated e-reader, the Hisense HI Reader. It looks like a smartphone, however it doesn’t have any cellular functionality, instead it it a pocket-friendly book reader.


Hisense A9 Android Smartphone Has a 6.1 Inch E Ink Display with Snapdragon 662 and Up to 6GB RAM


By Brad Linder

May 11, 2022

Most modern smartphones have LCD or OLED displays, but Chinese electronics company Hisense has been cranking out models with E Ink displays for the past few years. The latest model is the new Hisense A9, which is a phone with 6.1 inch E Ink display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor, and support for up to 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It’s up for pre-order in China for 1,799 CNY (~$270) and up.

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Trinity Metro Awards Second Digital Signage Contract to Connectpoint

Mass Transit

May 11, 2022

Connectpoint® was awarded a new digital signage contract by Trinity Metro for Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop displays to be deployed throughout the transit system. The solar-powered displays are in line with the agency’s environmentally friendly CNG bus fleet and its battery-electric bus route, The Dash. Trinity Metro awarded Connectpoint its first contract for solar-powered digital signs in 2017, with the first Connectpoint Digital Bus Stop displays deployed in 2018 at the agency’s busiest transfer centers, including Hulen Mall Transfer Center, La Gran Plaza Transfer Center, Sierra Vista Transfer Center and Dr. Dennis Dunkins Transfer Center.




Team Energie Deploys Panasonic ESLs in Fuel Station Convenience Store

Retail Technology Innovation Hub

May 12, 2022

Panasonic has worked with the convenience store of a German team energie GmbH & Company fuel station to deploy electronic shelf labels (ESLs). The solution provides a wireless connection to a centralised PoS system to automatically update the price displays in-store - enabling marketing campaigns, reducing pricing errors and saving staff up to 30 minutes a day. team energie, with 2,800 employees at 290 locations across Germany, has deployed the first ESL solution at its fuel station in Flensburg, near the German and Danish border. Panasonic Connect engineers worked with team energie’s long-term PoS system provider, Huth, to customise and integrate the solution with the company’s backend systems. 800 ESLs were then installed and operational in a one day period.


The Bright Side of Display Evolution

Electronic Design

By Sri Peruvemba

May 11, 2022

The evolution of outdoor digital displays continues to transform cities around the globe. Such displays change the way we interact, from transportation to retail shops, hospitality, real estate, construction, education, and entertainment. Increasingly, we’re seeing digital outdoor displays like signs on buildings, train stations, bus stops, parking meters, gas stations and ATMs. In the past couple of decades, large-format LED displays have dominated the outdoor display applications. Two display technologies that have begun to grow significantly for outdoor use are the liquid crystal display (LCD) and ePaper. Below, we look at the growth and innovation of both, as well as design and function challenges, and what to expect in the future.