ePaper Media Report -- 5.19.22

By EPIA  | Updated: 2022-05-20 08:50:02

Hisense Hi Reader Hands on Review

Good eReader

By Michael Kozlowski

May 19, 2022

The Hisense Hi Reader is the first dedicated e-reader that Hisense has ever released. The company typically focuses all of their e-paper energies towards Android smartphones with either black and white screens or color EINK. This makes the Hi Reader a very interesting product, it looks like a fully featured phone, upon first glance. However, in reality, it is a pocket friendly book reader with no phone functionality. It is great for not only for reading, but also audiobooks, podcasts and music. It has a candy bar design, which really makes it standout in a crowded market of e-readers that all look alike. You can buy the Hisense Hi Reader internationally, from the Good e-Reader Store. It retails for $399 and comes with a free case.


Onyx Boox Nova Air C Review: An Enthusiast’s ePaper Tablet That Struggles To Compete

Android Central

By Namerah Saud Fatmi

May 19, 2022

Onyx Boox is an interesting company that has one foot in the Android tablet sphere and the other in the world of e-readers. What this has resulted in is an interesting concoction of highly versatile Android-based e-readers that moonlight as tablets. Traditionally, e-ink devices were limited to B&W display panels. Thanks to the efforts of the E Ink Corporation, we now have e-paper technology that is capable of displaying colors. Onyx Boox hasn't made many color e-readers just yet as the technology is fairly new. The first generation of colorized Onyx Boox tablets consisted of the Poke 2 Color, followed by the second-gen Onyx Boox Nova3 Color. The third and most recent iteration has only just made its debut and it is called the Onyx Boox Nova Air C.




Best Kindle 2022: Which Amazon eReader Should You Buy?


By Tom Bedford

May 19, 2022

The best Kindles all offer the same prospect - making the ebook reading experience feel as close to reading a regular book but with all the convenience that technology brings. Ereaders have come a long way, especially Amazon's Kindle line, and they're now incredibly popular for literature fans.  An ereader is a small tablet type device that has an E Ink screen, that replicates the look of real ink. It's simpler to carry an ereader than haul a stack of books around, so whether you're relaxing by the pool or you need to do some college reading on the move, the best Kindle can be incredibly convenient.


EIH Seeks Wide Application of ePaper, Says Chairman

DigiTimes Asia

By Rebecca Kuo

May 19, 2022

E Ink Holdings (EIH) aims to have electronic paper (e-paper) replace paper by seeking more applications to various surfaces such as those of tables, walls and automobiles, according to company chairman and CEO Johnson Lee. This article is premium content so is behind a paywall.


E Ink Capacity to Expand to Fill Orders

Taipei Times

By Lisa Wang

May 19, 2022

E Ink Holdings Inc (元太科技) yesterday said it would further expand capacity to cope with robust demand for e-paper displays used in e-readers, e-notes and electronic shelf labels, as the COVID-19 pandemic and rising inflation have not dampened consumer demand. Although rising inflation is weakening companies’ purchasing power, E Ink said that its customers have not scaled down orders for e-paper displays used in e-readers. “Reading is still the most affordable leisure activity that people have,” E Ink CEO Johnson Lee (李政昊) told an online investors’ conference in Taipei. As e-books are less expensive than paper books, “we have so far not seen a slowdown in demand,” Lee said. “We are seeing quite robust demand.” Demand was also aided by E Ink’s launch of better-performing colored e-paper display technologies to replace e-readers with monochromatic displays, Lee said.




Tech-Enabled Grocery Stores: Lower Costs, Better Experience

McKinsey & Company

By Tyler Harris, Alexandra Kuzmanovic, and Jaya Pandrangi

May 18, 2022

The past year continued to reveal the ways in which the pandemic, evolving customer preferences for grocery, and macroeconomic trends have converged to reshape the traditional role of physical stores. As grocers seek to adapt, technology can streamline store operations—from checkout and talent management to merchandising and replenishment—and provide a better in-store environment for customers, all while helping to manage costs. In many ways, the four-wall operating model for grocery has changed only incrementally over the past several decades. However, four primary forces will challenge long-held conventional wisdom and compel grocers to adapt.


Yodeck Survey Says Restaurants See Gains With Digital Signage

Fast Casual

May 18, 2022

In Q2 of 2022, Yodeck Digital Signage ran a survey to evaluate the impact of digital signage in the restaurant industry, according to a company press release. Specifically, Yodeck wanted to better understand how much digital signage increases sales and if restaurant industry business owners can actually measure the impact of their digital displays. Among the findings, Yodeck learned that 90% of business owners who use digital signage for personalized engagement, such as calls to action and loyalty programs, said their sales have risen. Also, 86% of respondents who displayed branded ads on screens said they have improved their customer experience. Overall, 84% of restaurant industry business owners think digital signage makes their brand more recognizable to consumers.