EPIA - Introduction

About EPIA

The E-paper Industry Alliance (EPIA) was co-founded in Shanghai China in Feb. 2021, by industry leaders E Ink, BOE, and Holitech with the mission to boost innovation, act as a voice of ePaper industry, and promote ePaper related standardizations.
There are nearly one hundred companies joined EPIA in the first calendar year of establishment. Members are from a wide spectrum, ranging from supply chain, brands, ODM/OEM, chip makers to contents providers, service partners, consultant companies, colleges and research institutes, with the common goal to enlarge the ePaper community, enhance the eco-system and promote ePaper into various industries.
ePaper application has been making solid progress in Retail, Education, Office, Transportation, Healthcare, Logistics and Industry with hundreds of millions shipments each year, and generating an annual market value over 10 billion USD. ePaper’s outstanding nature of bi-stability, low-power and easy-on-eyes makes it the best fit to help reduce carbon foot print and contribute to sustainable economy.