Leading e-paper technology provider SEEKINK unveils disruptive green solutions for new markets at ISE2024 in Barcelona

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SEEKINK, a leading provider of e-paper technology solutions, attended #ISE2024 in Barcelona for the second time, showcasing how it is at the forefront of expanding e-paper technology beyond its tried and tested environments. Already applied to products like eReaders and ESLs, SEEKINK is expanding its business scope with color e-paper technology  for innumerable use cases.


Attendees are invited to visit ISE2024 Booth 6K360 to experience how SEEKINK e-paper solutions are disrupting the market for digital signage, transforming diverse fields such as healthcare, logistics, advertising, consumer electronics, and education with their vibrant colors, paper-like aesthetics, ease of use, superior energy efficiency, and longevity.

Signs of a green future

Amid increasing energy costs and growing environmental concerns, SEEKINK innovative digital signage solutions offer a way forward that is simultaneously technologically ground-breaking, cost and energy efficient, easy to use and implement, and reliably vibrant under all conditions.

A highlight is the e-paper public transportation solution that aim to replace both classical paper signage and energy-consumingLED solutions. The S133 ePaper bus stop signage featuring a 13.3-inch monochrome ePaper display boasts an unrivalled battery life of multiple years, even with regular updates such as display of delays or route changes.


With its unmatched flexibility in low power and bistable nature to maintain display forever with zero power, e-paper signage can work perfectly without a constant energy supply, making it an ideal option for both high traffic areas and remote locations without secure power supply.


The new E Ink Gallery Plus color e-paper technology allows for a more colorful display. The 25.3-inch ePaper signage S253 shines in vibrant cyan, magenta, yellow, and white electronic ink particles, achieving 60,000 color gamuts.


These new color e-paper signages, aimed at replacing traditional paper displays and energy hungry LEDs, come with rechargeable batteries and only consume energy when the display is changed. With both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the displays do not require separate hardware to set up and can be comfortably changed from the cloud or the local infrastructure. SEEKINK provides both custom-made solutions and allows for customer modifications through the open API, with a number of devices already being utilized in museums and galleries.



SEEKINK also showcases its even more energy efficient NFC-powered e-paper solutions The lean and colorful micro-display uses NFC signals to shift their display to the desired showcase, eliminating the need for batteries. From creative phone cases that can change their design through the simple use of an app, to more utility-oriented use cases in logistics labelling, the complete independence from regular power sources makes them as versatile and energy efficient as possible with modern signage technology.



E-paper – the lean energy alternative


SEEKINK thus positions e-paper technology to be a uniquely green and innovative alternative to LED and paper signage . With a remarkably small energy footprint and its ability to support displays in more colors, shapes, and sizes, e-paper is the best replacement for traditional paper.

E-paper technology – having already revolutionized the world of digital screens with its remarkable energy efficiency and superior readability, particularly under bright light conditions – offers ever more solutions that are green, easy to use, and beautiful to behold.


Unlike LED screens that emit light from behind, e-paper displays use a reflective technology that mimics the appearance of ink on paper. This unique approach allows e-paper screens to consume minimal power as they only use energy when the content on the screen changes, making them incredibly energy-efficient and offering significantly longer battery life.

Furthermore, e-paper displays excel in outdoor environments where glare and reflections can hinder readability, as they rely on ambient light to enhance the display's contrast, resulting in crisp and easily legible text even in direct sunlight. This makes e-paper technology an ideal choice for applications where power conservation and readability are paramount.


With its new line of products, SEEKINK is changing what is possible with the technology in diverse fields, empowering solution providers with reliable, energy efficient and user-friendly alternatives to bulky and energy-hungry LED solutions on both small and large screens.


E-paper – coming to a market near customers

More than the innovative technology showcased at this year’s ISE2024 – SEEKINK prides itself on its ability to meet its customers’ specific needs and designs. SEEKINK’s dedicated solution design staff on site – led by Senior Business Development Manger Erika Xiao – are happy to explore together with attendees the perfect products and services to showcase the efficiency and reliability of e-paper technology  while helping customers see how e-paper technology is transforming diverse sectors from healthcare, education, logistics, and retail to the everyday office.


"Join us today at booth 6K360, where we're thrilled to connect with both new and familiar partners” says Mrs. Erika Xiao, SEEKINK’ Senior Business Development Manager. “We are eager to showcase SEEKINK's prowess in delivering comprehensive e-paper solutions. E-paper technology, renowned for its sunlight readability, energy efficiency, and ability to prevent screen fatigue, offers substantial advantages over traditional digital signage. We extend a warm invitation to all attendees to explore how SEEKINK elevates the art of information delivery for you, right here at the event."



SEEKINK, founded in 2015, is dedicated to offering innovative e-paper technology along with high-quality, environmentally friendly IoT solutions. In order to enable IoT advancements, SEEKINK has assembled a team of more than 100 professionals and experts focusing on designing, developing, and implementing intelligent IoT industrial hardware. With over 100 patents, SEEKINK is at the forefront of fundamental technology for e-paper display modules, actively defining industry standards.


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