Wuxi CLEARink Displays Inc
Wuxi CLEARink Displays Inc
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Fully internal reflective ePaper display technology

Wuxi CLEARink Displays Inc., formerly known as CLEARink Displays Inc., is a world-famous ePaper company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, with a R&D center in Canada. Several of the firm's partners have co-founded more than a dozen companies, including Vancouver's startup stories "TIR" (acquired by Philips) and Brightside (acquired by Dolby), and have attracted world-class management and advisory teams. In July 2021, Wuxi CLEARink Displays Inc. was officially established in Wuxi Economic Development Zone. Wuxi Keling gathers the R&D team and technical achievements of the original CLEARink Displays Inc., which develops, manufactures and sells based on total internal reflection (TIR) display technology, which is an excellent replacement for the existing reflective displays, CLEARink e-ink screens not only provide unparalleled video and color effects, but also have the characteristics of eye protection, outdoor display, low power consumption, etc., while having a very competitive cost structure. The company's products can be widely used in e-school bags, flat panel displays, mobile and wearable devices, motor vehicle screens, Internet of Things, outdoor displays, traffic electronics, signage and other fields.

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Room 801, Building 1, Taihu Bay Information Technology Industrial Park, No. 688 Zhenze Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province