Mirai Create CO.,LTD
Mirai Create CO.,LTD
Board directors
Mirai Create provides technical support and sales of Wacom electromagnetic handwriting in China, mainly for ePaper handwriting.

Founded in 2018, Mirai Create CO.,LTD serves future-oriented innovative technology companies, has innovative technology products at home and abroad, sells and serves well-known brands and enterprises at home and abroad, and its industries cover consumer electronics, automobiles, IT, smart devices, etc. We are innovation-oriented, based on talents and partners, thinking about customer needs and solving problems, which has been respected and affirmed by the industry. The company's main business: Wacom electronic pen business, ePaper business and solution integration, AR glasses (polarized reflow AR & VR optical module), basic materials.

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Room 2505, Huarong Building, No. 178 Mintian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province