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It is a provider of various manufacturing-related materials such as PS protective film in the field of ePaper.

BenQ Materials was founded in 1998 as a manufacturer of high-quality, high-capacity optical storage discs. We have since evolved to develop cutting-edge materials science technologies that power innovative products for a wide range of industries. Our values are rooted in a steadfast commitment to innovative products, our people, and our planet. This informs everything we do — from how we engage with our customers, stakeholders, and local communities to how we implement good corporate governance practices.

Today, BenQ Materials is a global leader in display materials solutions, both in the capacity of a materials supplier and as a proprietary brands operator. Our brands include: Anscare (professional medical products); DermaAngel (personal beauty); Gem Monster (color contact lenses); Miacare (long-duration contact lenses); SIGMA (medical sterilization), and Xpore (eco-friendly, high-performance fabrics).

Proprietary materials science R&D and a commitment to sustainability form the cornerstone of our approach to product development. Our offerings are built on the foundation of two critical materials technologies — optical and polymer — and four major process technologies — roll-to-roll, lathing, coating, and injection extrusion. Through the cross-application of these core technologies, we offer four major application categories, namely, functional films, advanced battery materials, biomedical products, and high-performance fabrics. Customers rely on us as their partner of choice for high-quality, comprehensive solutions.

Headquartered in the Guishan District of Taoyuan City, we have three production sites in Taiwan located in Taoyuan, Longtan and Yunlin, and two locations in Suzhou and Wuhu in China. Driven by a focus on innovative user applications, our products have won numerous domestic and international awards, including the Gold Panel Award for flat panel display component technology, the Taiwan Excellence Awards for an array of products, and the globally renowned Red Dot Design Award for the Anscare SIMO Negative Pressure Wound Treatment System. Our textile brand, Xpore, has also gained accolades in the ISPO Best Product category.


No. 29, Jianguo East Road, Guishan Township, Taoyuan County, Taiwan