Lenovo (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Lenovo (Beijing) Co., Ltd
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Lenovo has developed E Ink screen products such as ePaper dual-screen notebook YOGA/Thinkbook Plus/Thinkbook Twist, and also developed the E Ink tablet Lenovo Yoga Paper.

Lenovo is a global technology company founded in China with operations in 180 markets. The annual turnover is 411.6 billion yuan. With a global focus, Lenovo has established an industry-leading model of diversified corporate culture and operating model, serving more than 1 billion users worldwide. As a trusted global technology leader, Lenovo empowers customers to seize the technology of tomorrow and transform the world today. ThinkBook is a brand new PC brand launched by Lenovo in 2019. ThinkBook brand positioning: young and fashionable groups, with many star products: ThinkBook Plus, ThinkBookx series, ThinkBook p series, etc. Among them, ThinkBook Plus is the only laptop in the world with an A-side E Ink screen, the industry's first dual-screen computer switching, won the 2021CES 10 awards, TIMESBestInventions 2021IF Design Award, Red Dot Award, and even called Ta "BestoftheBest", open the computer, the larger screen and strong performance, accompany you to enter the battle mode immediately, close the computer, as if you have a mobile library that you can take with you, Record inspiration, read books, and concentrate on thinking anytime, anywhere: the wireless charging function helps you to be flexible in the face of transients and have "wireless" happiness.

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