CINNO ePaper Insight
CINNO ePaper Insight
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CINNO ePaper Insight is the editor-in-chief of the blue book of the ePaper industry, a professional third-party consulting company and media company in the ePaper industry, in-depth observation of the ePaper industry, customized ePaper industry consulting reports, and IPO media services.

Founded in Shanghai at the end of 2012, CINNO Group is an independent third-party professional industry consulting service platform dedicated to promoting the domestic electronic information and technology industry. Since its establishment ten years ago, the company has always focused on the upstream and downstream supply chain with the pan-semiconductor industry as the core, providing authoritative and professional services for enterprises from multiple dimensions in terms of industrial information, market consulting, feasibility study due diligence, investment consulting, etc., covering the core interests of enterprises at all stages of the growth cycle, especially in display, semiconductors, consumer electronics, intelligent manufacturing, materials, equipment, key components, new energy and other subdivisions, and has accumulated hundreds of companies in mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, High-tech core high-quality enterprise customers in Europe and the United States.

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