Chongqing UCchip InfoTech Co.,Ltd
Chongqing UCchip InfoTech Co.,Ltd
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UCchip's wide-area IoT communication protocol WloTa chip combined with ePaper can realize the label design of single base station, long-distance, low-power intercom + information transmission.

UCchip is an innovative enterprise for the hundreds of millions of intelligent Internet of Things market, bringing together experts in chip design, chip tool development, and Internet of Things industry applications at home and abroad. Relying on the three strategic platforms of "Agile Chip Development Method", "Wide Area IoT Communication Protocol WloTa" and "Important Industry Deep Solution", we can quickly provide unique chip-level IoT solutions for various industries. UCchip has a full range of IP-level chip design and Internet of Things protocol system design capabilities, which can realize real, safe, comprehensive, and extremely cost-effective domestic substitution and localization of Internet of Things communication standards.

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