ePaper Circular logistics box (First Publish: 2020)

ePaper Circular logistics box (First Publish: 2020)



Our vision - What makes us tick?

Fierce Passion...

Our goal is to make the world a better place: in a real, observable, meaningful way. We believe that everyone has unlimited capacity for growth, and we operate accordingly. More importantly, every one of us shares a deep passion for a better future! It’s not remuneration we’re looking for, but reinvention.

...Steadfast determination...

As optimists, we aren’t afraid to make short term sacrifices for long term benefits and sustainability. We hold ourselves and each other accountable, and we always underpromise and overdeliver. Our startup mindset gives us our sense of urgency. What separates us from other startups is being self-funded and self-sustaining.  We can make quick decisions followed by rapid execution.

...And rewarding value creation

We believe not in simple, titled positions but in functions and roles, filled by awesome personalities. Our great team is made up of authentic, proactive people who share our innovative spirit and who embody the same values intrinsic to us. Most importantly, we always uplift and reward those who create value - through hands-on hard work and sheer creativity - rather than those who collect it.

Know a bit about our history - What’s our story?

Small beginnings...

We kicked things off in december 2016 as a small research team developing THE BOX, based in Nantes. Since then, we’ve grown to a kick-ass team of nearly 70 people, with offices in Paris and Nantes.

…Great expectations…

There are over 42 patents for THE BOX, some granted, some pending.  We’ve run successful pilots with big partners such as Orange, Cdiscount, and Chronopost. THE BOX was named the “product with the greatest potential to change the world” at CES 2020, and there’s been overwhelming industry interest since. Next step: mass-production.

...And a bright future ahead

This is still the calm before we take the e-commerce market by the storm! Going with what we believe is right, we want everyone to have a share in our excitement and success.

Find us there

Where the magic happens

From the shores of the Atlantic, where it all began, to the breathtaking City of Love...

Our journey spans two cities (so far!).



Located near the beautiful Atlantic coast in western France, the Nantes office is our R&D and production site.




The famed City of Love is home to our offices for Business Development and Customer Experience.