AI ePaper Note (First Publish: 2019)

AI ePaper Note (First Publish: 2019)







IFlytek:How does the smart office book traverse from 0 to 1 stage



In 2019, IFlytek launched the IFlytek intelligent office book X1, creating a new category of ink screen with AI e-paper handwriting book, which is completely different from ipad and kindle positioning. From X1 to X2, and then to X3, IFlytek has continuously completed the technical upgrading of products in four years, making this category quickly complete the leap from 0 to 1, and pushing this segment to the stage of comprehensive development of the market.

The product concept of intelligent office book comes from two opportunities. First, in the conventional office meeting scene, there are pain points such as low recording efficiency, incomplete content recording and easy loss of notes in paper and pen records, which leads to the idea of combining AI technology to make an alternative product. Second, in an equipment exhibition, the Iflytek  team saw the screen combination of handwriting experience and real paper and pen.


The development of the intelligent office business of Iflytek  can be divided into five stages: germination, start-up, run-in, growth and development.

Infancy: In 2018, the smart Office startup team did some demos to test them out. Through verification, the team recognized that by deeply integrating the advantages of Iflytek  ——artificial intelligence and voice transcription technology with the handwriting experience of e-ink screen, there is a great opportunity to make a good product to solve the problem of regular meeting minutes.

Initial period: After determining the direction, the team began to iterate and improve based on the test version. In early 2019, the X1 was released at the CES exhibition, which is also the first intelligent office machine model. X1 has also experienced more than four months of re-optimization from the release to the official listing. On the one hand, the start-up team continued to optimize and iterate products to improve stability, on the other hand, it began to promote small-scale trials to collect user experience feedback. This enabled X1 to quickly win the recognition of the market and customers after its official release, and in the Double 11 of 2019, X1 became the first sales volume of the category.

Running-in period: The success of X1 greatly encouraged the confidence of the team, so a product T1 was born, which was positioned at the low-end and targeted at the youth market. Before the launch, the team was confident that T1 would continue to sell well. However, this is not the case after the product is released, and even the sales of the product are directly affected by the number of bad reviews. However, the failure of T1 provided valuable lessons for the team and set the stage for the breakout products that followed.

Growth period: The team built on the failures of the T1 and launched the X2 model in 2021. The development and marketing process of X2 is also a process of rapid growth of the team and product. At this stage, the team discussed the planning of the whole product life cycle at the beginning of product development, introduced the GTM management process in the middle, and continued to polish the product repeatedly before it went to market. From the marketing promotion without logic to the marketing publicity of the system, the product gradually took shape, and our team worked more systematically and methodically. As a result, X2 has become the flagship benchmark model. At the same time, the team launched a more competitive product Air, forming a dual flagship product position of large and small screen.

Development period: The success of Iflytek 's intelligent office book has attracted brand manufacturers to enter this category in 2022. Huawei, Lenovo, Maxhub and so on aim at the ink screen office market, ape guidance released education ink tablet. Arliterite, Hanwang, palm read have also released new products, the whole category has entered a period of rapid development.



Iflytek also launched the X3 smart office book in 2023, which comprehensively upgraded the product. In terms of function, the product combines with the Iflytek Spark Model to bring the intelligent application of "the whole family bucket. On X3, we have pioneered AI applications such as open multi-round dialogues on office notebooks, AI-generated weekly work reports, and better meeting minutes and discourse regularization. In addition, the pioneering smart bar design effectively solves the pain point of slow page turning of ink screen.

In terms of performance, X3 uses a 10.65-inch large screen with a definition of 300PPI, which is the highest screen definition among all large-size ink screens in China. At the same time, it is equipped with eight microphone array, eight core high-performance CPU, with the most hardware in the industry to achieve comfortable viewing and smooth operation.


The intelligent office book enables ink screen products to realize practical functions such as handwriting input, dictation transcription, wireless screen projection, mobile office and so on. The size of the product is between the PC screen and the mobile phone screen, which is suitable for office use. This product restores the real pen and paper writing experience through ink screen and electromagnetic pen, and hits the pain points of users with functions such as voice recording and transcribing, global fast search, and secure storage in the cloud, which has been recognized in multiple application markets.


At present, the intelligent office of Xunfei has formed a good market application effect from three directions: personal office, paperless conference and digital reading room.

Personal office: The target audience of IFLTEK intelligent office is the workplace users who have large and small meetings throughout the day. Intelligent experience runs through the whole process before, during and after the meeting. Check information, before the meeting, for example, write in copy link, users can like normal communicate directly and then send the request, the Iflytek Spark Model can quickly generate related text content. During the meeting, our office book covers recording, taking notes, picture scanning and other functions, real-time transcribing accuracy is as high as 98%, and key information can be manually marked and associated with voice intelligence. After the meeting, the meeting summary function can replace the manual combing of the meeting, and users directly enjoy the summary results extracted by AI, greatly reducing the time cost of users.


Paperless office: Focusing on the current situation of conference office and the pain points of current application scenarios, IFmicrotek's "paperless conference" product takes the green eye protection e-ink screen office terminal as the application carrier, and combines the software service capabilities of the paperless conference system. This effectively realizes the distribution of documents before the conference without burden, and the destruction of documents after the conference without omission. The product further realizes the whole process of the conference paperless, and ensures the safety and reliability of the whole life cycle of the conference documents, so as to improve the overall efficiency and high security of the conference.


Digital Reading Room: IFlytek Digital Reading program is an integrated digital reading system for primary and secondary schools within the class, after class and outside the classroom. With the overall architecture of "cloud + end", the program provides supports in terms of resources, carriers and data for the development and management of campus reading activities. This move not only helps schools to enrich students' reading content and innovate reading action carriers, but also improves the long-term mechanism of reading and strengthens the grasp of organization and implementation. In addition, the product can also help students establish reading habits, continuously improve reading interest and reading ability, and lay a good foundation for lifelong reading habits.