NFC ePaper Label Sheet (First Publish: 2022)

NFC ePaper Label Sheet (First Publish: 2022)


Project Background

Dual Carbon Background

In 2020, China announced its strategic goals of carbon neutrality and peaking carbon emissions, along with a vision for a carbon-free future, providing guidance for the high-quality development of the country's economy and society. In the same year, the "Opinions on Accelerating the Green Transformation of Express Packaging" was issued, setting a target for China to achieve a scale of 7 million recyclable express packaging applications by 2022. In order to implement this directive, relevant departments organized pilot projects for the large-scale application of recyclable express packaging, including the deployment of 300,000 units of express logistics packaging with e-paper displays. The integration of digital management methods with recyclable logistics packaging has become an urgent issue to be addressed in the logistics industry.

Currently, the recyclable packaging industry can be divided into four major types: the largest-scale 2C recyclable express packaging, 2B recyclable packaging for fast-moving consumer goods, 2B recyclable packaging for spare parts, and B2B2C recyclable packaging for high-value items.

Faced with a complex logistics environment and transportation operations, there is a growing demand for digital management, particularly for high-value goods (such as pharmaceuticals, fresh produce in cold chains, and other valuable items) during transportation. This includes monitoring cargo value security, tracing node statuses, monitoring box opening and closing, monitoring logistics environment conditions, and supervising operator performance. Finding ways to enhance digital supervision and management of logistics transportation at the lowest cost has become a focal point for many product providers and logistics managers.

Kaiconn Design


(R-nergy 1.0 Integrated Smart Locker)

Technical Features

R-nergy is the innovative technology solution developed by Kaiconn that utilizes wireless radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting to achieve power supply, communication, and data transmission simultaneously. It encompasses Kaiconn's comprehensive solution based on the concept of batteryless Internet of Things (IoT), utilizing wireless RF microenergy harvesting and communication as its foundation. This includes innovative technologies and applications across various aspects such as unique RF energy algorithms, circuit design, energy management, hardware solutions, interaction, and management systems.

Built upon internationally recognized communication standards, Kaiconn utilizes its proprietary RF energy algorithm technology to collect RF signals generated during device communication and convert them into electrical energy. This provides the necessary power for communication, interaction, and data transmission for battery-free devices.

R-nergy 1.0 is a technology based on close-range communication for RF energy harvesting and application. This solution can instantaneously acquire and release high-power electrical energy to safely drive loads. This technology is commonly employed in scenarios such as smart switches and smart electronic paper displays, enabling them to accomplish digital interactions with a simple touch, without the need for batteries or circuit wiring.

Product Features

Battery-Free Integration, Minimalist Structure, One Product for Multiple Scenarios

Kaiconn's innovative R-nergy 1.0 integrated smart lock solution (referred to as the "Lock Solution") is based on Kaiconn's unique RF energy harvesting technology. It achieves instantaneous high-power energy storage and load driving through RF energy harvesting in a battery-free environment. When applied to lock-type products, this technology enables instantaneous lock activation and deactivation, requiring no power when not in use. With the integration of electronic paper displays and sensors on a single Lock Solution, it further accomplishes three key functions: lock activation, electronic paper label data refresh, and sensor data feedback, all in one communication cycle.

The Lock Solution achieves a significant reduction in lock size through ultra-high integration, reducing the cost and requirements for logistics box modification. This enhances box compatibility while ensuring cost optimization. Moreover, since it doesn't rely on power sources or batteries, it can efficiently manage logistics nodes with minimal power consumption, even in challenging climates like high humidity, extreme cold, and during air transportation.

Node-based Traceability Monitoring: Safeguarding Goods

The Electronic Waybill Management and Traceability System Platform are integral components of this solution. It supports battery-free electronic waybill refreshment while accurately monitoring various logistics stages through lock and sensor data. This achieves real-time updates on transportation time, quantities, displacement routes, destination status, and more, reducing manual intervention and enhancing efficiency. After goods enter the storage phase, the system synchronizes storage logs, inbound and outbound records, and flow direction records, enabling businesses to achieve low-cost, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly battery-free digital upgrades. This system supports integration with private enterprise clouds, reducing business transformation costs. Furthermore, as the boxes enter the recycling system after delivery, the system can monitor the box's lifespan, facilitating effective asset inventory and settlement for recycling box operators and stakeholders.

More Environmentally Friendly and Cost-effective Secure and Trusted Delivery

The innovative Kaiconn R-nergy 1.0 Integrated Smart Box Lock solution enables traceability monitoring throughout the product transportation process, effectively tracing specific logistics nodes where damage occurred and identifying responsible parties. This improvement in packaging and shipping methods effectively reduces goods damage. Furthermore, the integrated battery-free design combines the functionalities of three devices, reducing costs and size, achieving optimal pricing. Coupled with electronic paper waybills to reduce resource waste and alleviate environmental burden, as well as utilizing recyclable box bodies, it truly achieves cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, and green environmental protection.

In conjunction with bank-level data encryption protection within the overall logistics transportation process, it effectively safeguards consumer privacy and reduces concerns about user information leakage. This solution genuinely offers a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective secure and trusted delivery solution for high-value goods.

Innovation Value

Applied Economic Value For businesses, reducing the risk of goods damage during transportation, achieving effective data tracing, lowering goods damage, and enhancing trust in delivery management. For industries, the application scope is extensive, especially in sectors with strict requirements for goods protection, such as precision medical, high-value assets, and pharmaceutical cold chain industries. Moreover, this solution is also suitable for transportation scenarios with stringent battery management regulations, such as air logistics. For society, the use of reusable electronic paper products for waybills not only directly reduces consumable usage but also lowers costs and increases efficiency.

Industry Collaborative Value Electronic paper has been widely applied in various forms within intralogistics, mainly in the form of labels. It primarily participates in the process automation management of smart factories. As wireless technology integrates with electronic paper products and gradually matures, composite applications are entering the market, transitioning from indoor to outdoor scenarios. This solution's combination represents an innovative application of electronic paper in the field of logistics.

Societal Value Environmentally friendly and low carbon, privacy protection, industrial green upgrading User property safety & data privacy protection: Encrypted privacy information is uploaded to the cloud, with key information hidden during the delivery process, reducing user concerns about information leakage and aligning with policies for societal information security. Green-friendly: Electronic paper waybills can annually save at least a hundred billion sheets of waybill waste, reducing environmental burdens. Simultaneously, single-use box bodies are upgraded for thousands of uses, with no power required during the box's lifecycle, making maintenance easy. Digital management, efficiency enhancement, fostering industrial upgrading: Collecting user switch data, user habits, and recording box usage frequency in the backend contributes to intelligent business management upgrades.