ePaper Student Card (First Publish: 2020)

ePaper Student Card (First Publish: 2020)


Eye protection student card

On January 18, 2021, the Notice on Strengthening the Management of Primary and Secondary School Students' Mobile Phones issued by the General Office of the Ministry of Education mentioned that in order to protect students' eyesight, let students concentrate on learning in school, prevent addiction to the Internet and games, and promote the healthy development of students' physical and mental health, schools should inform students and parents that personal mobile phones are not allowed to be brought into campus in principle. If a student has the need to bring a mobile phone into the campus, he/she must submit a written application with the consent of the student's parents. After entering the school, the mobile phone should be placed in the custody of the school, and it is forbidden to bring it into the classroom. At the same time, it is also clearly proposed to explore the use of electronic student cards with call functions or provide other parents with convenient ways to contact students and other measures to solve the call needs of students and parents. Strengthen classroom teaching and homework management, and do not use mobile phones to assign homework or require students to use mobile phones to complete homework.

On April 01, 2021, the Ministry of Education issued the "Measures for the Management of Extracurricular Reading Materials for Primary and Secondary School Students into Campus" to regulate the management of extracurricular reading materials into campus, prevent problem reading materials from entering primary and secondary schools (including kindergarten), and give full play to the educational function of extracurricular reading materials.

On April 12, 2021, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued a notice on strengthening the management of homework in compulsory education schools. Parents should not be assigned homework, and it is strictly forbidden to ask parents to correct homework. Teachers should fully approve and revise students 'homework assigned, and students should not be required to self-approve and self-revise, and encourage scientific use of information technology methods for homework analysis and diagnosis.

Provincial and municipal education authorities have issued relevant policy documents synchronously around campus safety and mobile phone management. The 34th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress of Fujian Province voted to pass the Regulations of Fujian Province on Prohibiting Students from Bringing mobile phones into classrooms in primary, secondary and Kindergarten, and will be implemented in September 2022, which also means that there will be a law to say "no" to students bringing mobile phones into classrooms.

Under the environment of The Times, BOE relies on the technology precipitation on the ink screen and the natural eye protection characteristics of the ink screen, combines the ink screen with the electronic student card, and integrates the policy of the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Myopia in children and adolescents and the specific application scenarios to launch the eye-protection student card product series in the industry. Solve the problems of home-school communication, safe campus, myopia protection and other industry problems. At the same time, through the integration of industry education resources, on the basis of the existing "cloud + management + end" management system, integrating K12 school-age learning content and teaching resources, creating a digital solution for platform campus, life services, teaching interaction and myopia protection.


In the early stage of the product project, it was found in the market research of the product planning that the traditional electronic student card was generally thick and heavy, the button operation was inconvenient, and the low-resolution LCD display was flooding the market. The long-term wearing and use of such products by primary school students would affect the physical development and myopia protection. Based on the analysis of competitive products and market research, ID team determined the design direction of thin, skin-friendly, proportional coordination and eye protection. Under the support of the concept of "good looking, easy to use and practical" of the product, ID team and product and market colleagues regularly brainstorm, do not practice and do not know, has carried out six rounds of brainstorm, and completed 40 sets of draft design. More than 120 design drawings, 5 sets of screen UX design and button interaction design. After the initial confirmation of the product shape, the user's most real experience is sought through simulation experience.

In terms of product positioning, BOE student card is designed for eye protection, using ink screen, no blue light and no flicker, to maximize the protection of students' eyesight. At the same time, around the application scenarios of school, on the road and at home, through the student end-hardware use. Parent - applet; The trinity scheme design of campus end-management platform links home and school, teaching and learning.


Under the policy background of mobile phones and watches entering the school, convenient communication between home and school has become a difficulty in management. Lack of communication tools makes it impossible to communicate with children in time. What to do about bullying in school? What if there is an emergency on the way? How to deal with academic pressure? In the face of new challenges and new problems, parents can set two-way dialing family numbers in the mini program to communicate dynamically with their children by using electronic student cards. Parents can set a white list of incoming calls to eliminate the harassment of strange calls. In case of emergency, they can press SOS to alarm. In addition, the student card uses four relocation technology. Electronic fences are set up for dangerous areas, such as wading areas, construction sites, accid-prone areas, etc. When students enter the fence area, parents will receive an alarm, and parents can contact students to leave the risk area in time to ensure the safety of children. At the same time, in order to meet the multi-scenario application on campus and reduce the management burden, the student card integrates the one-card and automatic attendance function. Combined with the attendance equipment, the student attendance information can be automatically collected and pushed to the parents mini program. With the management platform, the school can view the summary statistics of students 'entry and departure from the school in real time, the total number of students in the school, attendance rate, punctuality rate and other data details. When teachers are teaching, they can set the class mode of "do not disturb" to ensure the order of the class. In the daily consumption scenario, Alipay change code is bound for convenient payment inside and outside the campus to ensure the safety of children's funds. Parents can check consumption details, automatic recharge, daily limit, etc.


We also added a learning function to the 3.7 large-screen version, which can be used as an English word card, classical Chinese, and ancient poetry recitation book, greatly expanding students' independent learning space.


In the classroom use scenario, it can be used as a learning tool, and can be used as an answer tool for multiple choice and judgment questions when teachers explain the course, and interact with teaching.


In view of the urgent needs of schools for "precision teaching", BOE, Neusoft and Good Future jointly built an education and teaching research platform. There is a wealth of digital courseware content on the platform, teachers can sort out the knowledge system through mind map, and easily insert formulas in math, chemistry and other lesson preparation. It is equipped with rich auxiliary tools, such as virtual simulation, solid geometry GGB, interactive games, and knowledge graph to improve the quality and efficiency of teachers 'lesson preparation. Teachers can add interactive questions to the courseware, students can answer questions in class through the eye protection student card, and the answer data can be displayed in real time on the large screen. The students can view the learning situation in class with one click, and the students can generate learning reports and student error books after class.

At present, Chongqing BOE will focus on in-depth eye care terminal product solutions. Explore the pain points in the development of educational scene services, and give full play to the advantages of Chongqing BOE in product development, scheme design, material supply, production and processing. To provide the market with urgent needs of quality products. For the education scene, we can through more efficient and more practical eye care terminals to help campus precision teaching.


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