ePaper Monitor (First Publish: 2014)

ePaper Monitor (First Publish: 2014)

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Beijing DASUNG Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that turns science fiction into reality. The founder, Mr. Gong Cobaler, was a space science popularization and science fiction writer. Many years ago, his eyes were tired because he spent hours in front of a computer every day when he was writing. We believe that many people like him will feel very dazzling and tired after watching LCD screen for a long time.

In 2013, Mr. Gong saw SONY introduce a 13.3-inch ink-screen reader, the largest ink-screen product that year. He immediately realized that the time had come to make an "ink-screen computer monitor"... If this monitor can be made available, writing on it will be like typing directly on traditional paper, and the eyes will be able to get the maximum relaxation!

Gong brought the idea to the company's chief technology officer, Dr. Rui Chen, and the two immediately struck a chord. Therefore, Gong Kuoer, Chen Rui and Gong Yuanhong, three people established Beijing DASUNG Dashang Technology, starting a business to make ink screen displays to protect the eyes of computer users.

Electronic ink screens, also known as "e-paper", display like paper. There are white and black charged ink droplets on the screen, which are driven up and down by voltage to form a picture. The e ink screen itself is not luminous, in the ambient light irradiation, you can see black and white clear pattern; The LCD light screen is actually a lot of light sources behind the screen that emit light externally. In contrast, the electronic ink screen has no strong light stimulation, no stroboscopic, no blue light and other hazards, and it is more comfortable to see and can protect the eyes well.

Such a magical electronic ink screen was originally applied to electronic readers to display static text. In 2004, SONY took the lead in developing the world's first e-reader Librie, is the pioneer of e-reader; Subsequently, Amazon released the popular electronic reader Kindle, it has even become synonymous with electronic readers, many friends know that electronic ink screen is because of Kindle.

However, at that time, e-readers generally had the problem of slow refresh speed, which was specifically manifested as stalling and black flashes when turning pages, which greatly affected the experience. And during this period of time, the application of electronic ink is very lack of innovation, and the product form is single. In the e-ink circle at that time, almost all the ink screen devices that could be found were e-readers. However, we believe that the ink screen should not only stop at the electronic reader such products, it can be faster, better use, there are more scenarios to meet the needs of computer users. Such an idea was considered impossible at the time, and e-ink screens could not achieve the speed and effect required for displays.

In December 2014, Beijing DASUNG Technology successfully grafted the e-ink screen onto the computer monitor, and invented the world's first ink screen monitor. This is known as the world's electronic ink field of "black technology" product - Paperlike, built-in DASUNG Turbo ink screen high brush patent technology, so that the original card, slow, slow ink screen static reading era to the dynamic high brush era can play video smoothly. People who have seen her say that her refresh speed is really not like an ink screen!


In the following years, a series of innovative electronic ink screens were created. We have created a new category of displays, electronic paper displays, and become the leader in this segment:

In December 2020, we released the world's first 25.3-inch ultra-large e-ink display, the Paperlike 253. She has 3200*1800 ultra high definition resolution, 16:9 golden screen ratio, advanced picture algorithm, multi-dimensional adjustment mechanism. She also has an original three-dimensional image quality adjustment mode to optimize the speed and image quality of the ink screen, fine drawing each frame of the picture, to meet the different needs of users in the office, entertainment and learning, to achieve outstanding display effect. It supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux and other mainstream operating systems, and follows the computer system Settings, supports horizontal and vertical screen switching, copy/expand display. In addition, it also supports split screen, multi-window operation, so that multiple work synchronization, effectively improve office efficiency.


In January 2022, after a long and arduous exploration, Datong Technology finally laid a uniform and soft front light on the screen of the 25.3 large-size ink screen display. Paperlike 253's pre-light process is very exquisite. It adopts high-quality CTM cold and warm dual-color temperature light source to support pre-light and mixed light adjustment of cold and warm dual-color temperature. The large size of the 0.5mm high precision light guide plate can make the light evenly scattered throughout the screen, forming a clear lighting effect. Whether day or night, it can modulate sufficient, soft front light effect, more clear, more comfortable, more eye protection. Of course, the front light brightness can be freely adjusted or completely turned off.

In December 2022, Daishang Technology released the world's first curved ink screen display Paperlike U, which is also the world's first wireless ink screen display. U, for her beautiful curves. She has 4000R exquisite curvature, close to the natural perception of the human eye. When we use it, she can better serve our vision, and the immersion is very strong. However, bending the ink screen elements made from thin glass substrates to just the right degree may be something others dare not dream of, but Beijing says DASUNG Daishang Technology has done it. Paperlike U continues the top configuration of our Paperlike 253 ink screen monitor, including 25.3-inch large screen, 3K ultra-HD resolution, 16:9 golden ratio, which is very suitable for computer display. We can describe Paperlike U's appearance in three words: light, thin and beautiful: she weighs about 3.3kg, which is probably lighter than a cat; At about 8mm at its thinnest point, it's probably thinner than your phone. The back of her adopts metal one-piece molding process, graceful curve, delicate feel, with elegant and solid metal texture. Similarly, the Paperlike U is equipped with a soft, uniform, high-quality dual color temperature front light.

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Paperlike series ink screen displays are equipped with our exclusive DASUNG Turbo ink screen high brush technology, breaking through the bottleneck of ink screen refresh technology. Paperlike has a very fast refresh speed and can display computer pictures smoothly, such as office users browsing web pages, text workers reading code words, programmers writing code, stock investors staring at the stock market, scientific research party reading PDF papers, and even students watching online courses and videos. Paperlike can meet the eye protection needs of different people and different scenes.

Paperlike series ink screen display is an epoch-making product in the e-ink circle. She not only created a new product concept, but also opened the prelude to e-ink high-brush technology. E-ink has also moved from the era of static text to the era of dynamic high brush, which can play video smoothly.

Paperlike series e-ink display has complete independent intellectual property rights. So far, we have applied for and obtained more than ten invention patents. Paperlike series products have good eye protection effect, can meet the vast majority of office and study needs. In addition, IT can also perfectly support document reading, digital archives access, text writing and input, financial form processing, paper query and writing, digital ancient books reading, wisdom education in primary and secondary schools, IT industry code writing, online examination papers marking, information analysis, editing and publishing, etc. She is also the best equipment for paperless office, green, environmental protection, energy saving, can reshape the industry user experience.

At present, Paperlike series display products have been sold to 82 countries and regions all over the world, and are fulfilling their mission to protect the eyes of computer users around the world.