V-shaped 7-color double-sided table card (First Publish: 2023)

V-shaped 7-color double-sided table card (First Publish: 2023)






Innovation Product Story: V-shaped Intelligent Electronic Table Cards

(Colorful Edition)

—The world's first V-shaped colorful intelligent electronic table cards with ink screen

Product Design Background

This is an era of digitization and intelligence. With artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, new technologies and products are constantly emerging and changing our lives. While enjoying the convenience brought by technological change, we are also constantly thinking about how to utilize the development of technology to integrate the trend of digitalization and intelligence with our daily life and work, and bring "greening" into our daily life trajectory, so that development can be seen. The replacement of paper in traditional conference tables is a great example.

In modern society, conference table cards play a vital role in business activities and various meetings. However, there are some problems with traditional paper table cards. The traditional table cards is put into the printed paper in the acrylic shell for display, and information replacement needs to go through a series of processes such as reprinting, cutting, and placing, which is cumbersome. As the printed paper can only be printed once, it is easy to waste paper, especially in a large formal meeting. Such meetings usually use conference tables specially designed and printed by advertising companies, which is highly cost and wastes paper. If we choose to use LED/LCD electronic tables, it is also problematic. LED/LCD electronic tables need wiring power supply, so it can only be used in certain locations which is inconvenient. In addition, continued power consumption will increase energy costs and such electronic tables will also do harm to our eyes.With the concept of energy saving, environmental protection and paperless gradually gaining popularity, in the field of conference tables, it is also necessary to find more environmentally friendly alternatives.

In this context, as electronic Shelf Label (ESL) has been widely used in the retail field, it has brought convenience and environmental benefits for commodity price marking. Therefore, inspired by the successful application of ESL in the retail field, we decided to apply similar technology to conference tables to create intelligent electronic conference tables to meet the modern needs of conference management and social responsibility of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Design Inspiration

Our design is inspired by the success of ESL in the retail industry. In the process of commodity information change, traditional paper shelf labels have some problems, such as information update is not timely, paper is easy to waste, and a lot of manpower and material resources are consumed, which is similar to the situation faced by paper tables in office meetings. Instead, traditional paper price tags are replaced by electronic price tags, which realize real-time update and personalized display of commodity prices through digital technology. Provide retailers with efficient and convenient sign solutions. This inspired the idea of applying similar intelligent technology to conference tables. We believe that through the use of e-ink screen display technology, wireless communication and intelligent management, intelligent electronic tables can solve the problems of traditional paper tables, improve conference efficiency and user experience.

In the process of product design, our in-depth study of the advantages and disadvantages of traditional acrylic T-shaped tables and V-shaped tables helped us apply similar shapes to intelligent electronic tables.

The advantages of traditional acrylic table cards are beautiful appearance, elegant texture, can be customized in different shapes and sizes, suitable for all kinds of meeting occasions. However, the traditional acrylic table card has the problem of inconvenient replacement and update and poor timeliness. Each change of participant information needs to be re-made, and cannot be updated in real time, so it is difficult to follow up in time for temporary changes.

T-table cards are common in meetings, and can be placed upright on the meeting table to facilitate participants to view the names of participants. The advantages of T-table cards are good stability, easy installation, and suitable for all kinds of meetings. However, T-table cards are also inconvenient to update, and each change of participant information requires manual replacement, which consumes time and human resources. V-shaped table is a new design, by the conference table design in a V-shape display, it is easier to attract the attention of the participants. The advantages of V-shaped tables are their unique shape, larger display area and better stability. However, the disadvantages of V-shaped tables are that their manufacture and design are more complex, requiring specific materials and processes, and changing attendee information still requires manual operation.

Through the analysis of the pros and cons of traditional acrylic table cards, T-table cards and V-table cards, we inspired by ESL electronic label technology have carried out a lot of market research and combined with the using preference of table cards, and finally chose the V-shape design with better stability, larger display area, and more in line with the viewing habits of participants.


Design Process

In the design process of V-type intelligent electronic table (colorful), we focused on the following aspects:

Technological innovation and integration: We work with a team of engineers to apply electronic price tag technology to intelligent electronic table cards. Through the development and integration of technologies such as digital display, wireless communication and intelligent management, we ensure the real-time update of conference tables, personalized Settings and interactive functions.

Environmental protection and energy saving considerations: When designing intelligent electronic tables, we pay special attention to the factors of energy conservation and environmental protection. The use of electronic display technology and intelligent energy-saving control reduces the use and waste of paper, so that the intelligent electronic table is in line with the advocacy of social energy conservation and environmental protection.

User experience optimization: In practical applications, we constantly conduct user testing and feedback collection to continuously optimize product features and interactive experiences according to user needs. Through the continuous improvement of background functions, managers can enter information on the background management system, change information in batches or individually, find meeting agendas, flash reminders and other operations, providing more convenient and accurate information exchange and interactive experience.

Participant information management: The intelligent electronic table cards can be connected with the conference management system through wireless communication to achieve real-time update and remote management of participant information. Meeting organizers can easily update participants' information in the background without manually changing the identity, which improves the efficiency and timeliness of meeting management.

The design of the intelligent electronic table cards has been improved and tested many times, and eventually promoted to various meetings and events. In practical applications, we have received positive feedback from conference organizers and attendees. Our electronic table not only improves the efficiency of the meeting and modern image, but also plays a positive role in environmental protection, energy saving and resource utilization.



Double-sided display, one-click refresh: both sides of the product are displayed with a 7.3-inch e-ink screen, which is energy-saving and environmental friendly. No stripes when you take pictures and no flickers when take videos. Large visual range is up to 180°. The double-sided screens can display different information respectively, and the display content can be refreshed with one key through the background system control.

Multi-color display, free typesetting: the product supports black, white, red, yellow, blue, green and orange seven-color display. The content can be customized typesetting。 It also supports two-dimensional code, bar code, pictures, color blocks etc.

energy saving and environmental protection: The product uses high-capacity polymer lithium battery and Type C charging port charging. Charging can be used for 8 months (refresh 5 times a day). There is no need to replace the battery during this time.With saving a lot of paper, it is beneficial to energy saving and environmental protection.

Cloud control, batch update: users can log in the system background through the web or mobile APP, wechat mini program, and perform real-time operation, so as to batch and quickly change the display information of all electronic tables.

Hidden multi-color LED status light, custom tips: The product supports blue, green, red and other seven color LED lights. The product also supports custom LED lighting degree and lighting duration, flashing reminder of key events.

Classic V shape, high-end shell: The appearance of the product adopts a classic V shape and uses high-end aluminum alloy shell. This product is very suitable for the meeting scene, creating a high-end meeting atmosphere.


Application scenario: The product can be used in the industry-wide office scene information display area such as conference room tables, office post badges, and conference room signs.

With the continuous development of ESL technology, we believe that intelligent electronic table cards will continue to play a great role in the future of conference management. Characterized by efficiency, convenience, energy saving and environmental protection, it will attract more attention and application of conference organizers and participants. In addition, the successful application of intelligent electronic table cards will also promote the expansion and innovation of electronic ink screen display technology in other fields, bringing convenience and benefits to more industries. We will continue to be committed to product innovation and optimization, and continue to provide more advanced solutions for conference management and user experience.