ePaper Smart Handle Display (First Publish: 2021)

ePaper Smart Handle Display (First Publish: 2021)





Product story: Electronic paper intelligent shake handle

 new advertising carrier, innovative advertising operation

Railway has now become the major way of transportation for citizens, especially during the rush hour when the passenger flows is high.That makes railway an ideal advertising place.

Currently, the traditional paper advertisements placed in the railway handles still face some troubles: few advertising contents, high costs and time limitation - can only be changed monthly. Thus, the effect is unpleasant. However, by upgrading the traditional handle into smart handle, we create a new advertising carrier and an information system  featuring high value and low cost.

Through the intelligent handle system and management platform, advertising image content can be pushed to the smart handle devices. It only takes 3-5 seconds to refresh the advertising information on the screen and complete the publication, thus delivering an efficient information transmission in smart transportation.

Compared to traditional handles, the advantages include: 

1. Convenient wireless content updates.

2. Rolling and refreshing advertisement.

3. Lower advertising costs as it is linked with Kaxinbao business digital operation platform, in which advertising costs can be shared by multiple merchants.

4. One-time installation for repeated use, minimizing waste.

The intelligence of the smart handle has created multiple plays:

New Play 1: Targeted advertisements display based on subway station locations.

New Play 2: Display promotional information along the subway line for targeted marketing.

New Play 3: Time-based advertisement display. For example, restaurant advertisements is displayed during meal times, while advertisements for cinemas or karaoke halls can be displayed during entertainment hours.

New Play 4: Multi-screen interactive advertising.The advertiser can display interactive images on different handles.

New Play 5: Everyone can be an advertiser. Any client (advertiser, ad agency, individual user) is free to adverse by scanning the QR code, and filling in the content, time, and location. Once approved, they can display their own advertisements.


   The first color Eink smart handle developed by Fn Droid has passed rigorous safety tests such as environmental testing, tensile strength testing, and flame retardant testing by national regulatory bodies, and obtained relevant certifications. It is also in line with the mass production standards.Now many cities have officially launched and put into use our product.

1, It has been officially put into use in Nanchang Railway.


2, Trail operation in Shijiazhuang/Wuxi Railway.


3, Trail operation in Dongguan/Shenzhen Railway.


The smart handle opens a completely new era in media, play as well as idea, thanks to the technology, product and platform this day. It transforms what static into intelligent, isolated into connected, and old into new.