ePaper Table Card (First Publish: 2019)

ePaper Table Card (First Publish: 2019)


Product story: The birth of intelligent electronic paper table card

In 2018, after many years in the field of e-paper, Feng Zhuo's team stood at a crossroads again. As a technical team, we experienced the trough of e-books and the price war of electronic price tags. Although there was some accumulation, we always followed the pace of the market in the direction. But when the market has no direction, we are lost.

Follow or lead?

Niche Or the public?

Follow the market? The risk is small, but also can only pick up the rest of others; Lead, in case of a wrong step, is it not eternal?

Do niche products? Perhaps the market is too small, not to live their own; A mass product? Will face the giants encircle;

By chance, a senior gave advice: find direction, and follow the trend! This "potential" contains two meanings: first, "trend", which means to do things in line with the development trend of The Times; The second is "advantage", to see if you have this ability, the combination of trend + advantage, is your direction!


The team immediately started to act, looking for trends and advantages, and it was fun. After investigating more than a dozen industries and directions, and after three steps of casting a wide net, focusing on training and selecting the best, we focused on several key areas, including: office and conference industry.

Official information: In 2015, with the development of wireless communication technology, "smart office", "office things", "paperless conference" and other concepts have gradually attracted wide attention, and are considered to be the new trend of future office. Among them, in the field of smart office and conference, e-paper products as a new generation of intelligent display terminals that can replace traditional paper and realize paperless office, are increasingly being used in meeting rooms, such as: intelligent table card, intelligent door plate, intelligent station card, intelligent visitor card, personnel destination card, etc., to achieve intelligent upgrading, resource saving, efficient office;

By this point, market trends and product advantages are clear. Our team has made mobile phone chips and e-paper products for many years, so we are very familiar with wireless communication technology and the characteristics of e-paper, which is very suitable.

With the strategic direction, we should not be careless in tactics, but also do a good job in market analysis and risk management. I want to use this project to completely transform the team from technical orientation to market orientation!

First of all, the market already exists, right? Or is it a new creation? If it is a new creation, it may be very risky, but we have seen that the market already has traditional paper table cards, acrylic table cards, and LCD screen table cards, so this market is solid.

Secondly, can our product solve the pain points existing in the current market? Traditional paper table-boards require a lot of preparation: design, production, careful checking, and placement. Unexpected problems cannot be avoided: temporary personnel changes, temporary emergency meetings, etc., which cannot be solved by traditional paper conference tables. The problem of LCD table is that the battery capacity is limited, in case of a longer meeting time, the battery runs out of an accident, if the external power supply is very troublesome and not beautiful. Our product perfectly solves the pain point of traditional products!

Third, the classic question on the road to entrepreneurship, what if the giants (Huawei/Xiaomi/Tencent/Ali, etc.) also do this? We also quietly inquired about, get the grapple is: these giants all despised this niche market, so rest assured, go to work!

After several trials and errors, the first generation of electronic paper intelligent conference table developed by Fenghuo was launched. The appearance was designed by Ali Cloud team. At that time, no one expected that this product became a classic milestone product in the field of intelligent table.

Later, the market gradually matured, more and more customers, most of the conference industry head enterprises have become our customers, the company began to gradually expand the product line:

In the product category, launched the door plate, station plate, visitor plate, etc.

In the way of communication, there are also Bluetooth version, wifi version, 4G version, POE security version and so on.

In the appearance of the introduction of wood grain, metal;

In color, it also covers three colors, four colors (imitation color), seven colors (dazzling color);


In 2022, the company undertook the drafting of the e-paper table card group standard, and served as the leader of the drafting group. In February 2023, the standard was officially approved, marking the head position of Fenghuo in this field. At the same time, the company is also participating in the drafting of "intelligent paperless conference system technical Specifications", "electronic paper door plate" and other standards.


Not long ago, the company started the development of an innovative product, in response to the national low carbon call, integrated into the concept of new energy, the low carbon energy conservation and environmental protection to the extreme, of course, this is another story, the current product is in mass production, we plan to declare another e-paper "first" product tomorrow, follow the pace of the e-paper industry, Continue to lead the original innovation of electronic paper in the market segment.



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