Global ePaper Industry Weekly Bulletin #11|AI Creates a Mixed Interactive Experience

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Quadrant Lab, in collaboration with the ePaper Industry Alliance (EPIA) has launched the Quadrant.ePaper weekly bulletin, aiming to provide readers with insights on global industry innovations and the latest news on the ePaper industry and connecting the global IoT ecosystem.

01 Using ePaper and Raspberry Pi to Create a Copy of the Daily Prophet

In the magical world of Harry Potter, the front page of the Daily Prophet always catches more attention because the characters in the photos can move like animated emojis. In the real world, Whitney Knitter created a “Hacker Headlines” newspaper using a Raspberry Pi and an ePaper display, mimicking the effect of the Daily Prophet.

Whitney Knitter’s newspaper is built on a PCB, with a display unit consisting of a Raspberry Pi Zero and a 2.9-inch ePaper embedded in the headline section. A custom Python script is used to achieve the dynamic display of monochrome animated images.

02 Staedtler Releases a New Stylus Pen with a Rubber Eraser

German company Staedtler has released a new stylus pen compatible with EMR and WACOM screens. This stylus pen, called the Staedtler Lumograph Digital Jumbo, is made of wood and features a rubber eraser at the top. It is priced at $79.99 and can be used with devices such as Onyx Boox, Remarkable 2, Fujitsu Quaderno Gen 2, Meebook, and Amazon Kindle Scribe.

This stylus pen has palm rejection technology, allowing for precise writing or drawing without any accidental touch from the palm. The line width can vary based on pressure, providing a more natural writing or drawing experience. The rubber eraser at the top can directly erase the pen strokes on the screen while in writing mode. Compared to plastic stylus pens, this product offers a closer pencil-like writing experience for users.


03 Foxtheon iGo 3600 Portable Power Bank Uses an ePaper Display

Foxtheon has used an ePaper display on their recently released Foxtheon iGo 3600 outdoor power supply product, allowing users to easily read key parameters such as battery level, input/output power, even in ample sunlight outdoors. This product has a capacity of 3600Wh and incorporates two innovative technologies, “semi-solid battery materials\ and “modular battery packs”, making it suitable for various scenarios such as outdoor adventures and home emergencies.


04 AI Can Enable eNote with a Hybrid Interactive Experience

In an article published on Medium, cybersecurity expert Allen Westley shared his vision for how AI can integrate with eNotes. He believes that combining ePaper technology with AI and machine learning can create a hybrid interactive form that combines the charm of analog experience, the efficiency of digitalization, and stronger security, ultimately becoming a guiding light for the next stage of digital interaction development.

According to Allen Westley, with the help of machine learning, eNotes can learn and recognize the handwriting of different users. During the process of handwriting input, they can also achieve personalized text prediction and automatic completion. Additionally, they can utilize handwriting or pattern drawing for more advanced biometric identity verification.




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