Global ePaper Industry Weekly Bulletin #15|Paperless Medical Examination with Color ePaper Display

E Ink has partnered with the Taichung Children’s Integrated Hospital in Taiwan to integrate color, battery-free ePaper smart cards into the hospital’s health examination process.

Quadrant Lab, in collaboration with the ePaper Industry Alliance (EPIA) has launched the Quadrant.ePaper weekly bulletin, aiming to provide readers with insights on global industry innovations and the latest news on the ePaper industry and connecting the global IoT ecosystem.


01 E Ink Adopts ePaper Smart Cards for Paperless Medical Examination

E Ink has partnered with the Taichung Children’s Integrated Hospital in Taiwan to integrate color, battery-free ePaper smart cards into the hospital’s health examination process. The application of battery-free ePaper smart cards helps improve the identification of patients by medical staff and enhances operational efficiency. It also helps reduce waiting time for patients during various examination processes, expediting the completion of medical examinations.

The color ePaper smart cards used in this case adopts a power-free solution, without the need for built-in batteries. They are connected to the smart hospital system and utilize wireless communication technology to transmit minimal power, enabling the latest examination progress to be updated on the color ePaper smart cards. With each completed examination item, the color ePaper smart cards promptly refresh the examination progress, replacing the traditional pen and paper notation and addressing issues related to handwriting errors in record-keeping.


02 red-y compact 2 Series Gas Mass Flow Meter Features an ePaper Display

Swiss precision flow meter manufacturer Vögtlin uses an ePaper with touch screen in their battery-powered digital gas mass flow meter and pressure regulator, the red-y compact 2 series. The touch screen allows for the adjustment of various variables and includes a built-in gravity sensor for adaptive screen orientation. A red-y compact 2 device can be used to measure up to 3 different gases or gas mixtures and can be configured with 3 types of alarms: low, high, high/low, and cumulative. It can be powered by standard AA batteries, Micro-USB, or optional 24V DC power supply.


03 Hyread Will Release New Full Color eReader Product

Hyread announced that it will launch a new Gaze Mini C eReader called “X Animal Calendar” in March 2024, continuing featuring a compact 6-inch size. It adopts E Ink Kaleido 3 color ePaper technology and supports user-installed apps. This product features a white body and two rows of physical buttons, allowing users for one-handed operation without being restricted by the direction it is held. Another selling point of the product is the full color animal perpetual calendar, which not only introduces a different animal in Taiwan every day to users but also supports one-click synchronization of Google Calendar tasks. Hyread stated that the product will begin pre-sales in January 2024.


04 Jiangsu Rijiu Optoelectronics Applied for a Patent Titled “ePaper Surface Film Material and Its Preparation Process”

According to the announcement of the State Intellectual Property Office of China, Jiangsu Rijiu Optoelectronics has applied for a patent titled “ePaper Surface Film Material and its Preparation Process” with publication number CN117164921A, on August 2023.

The patent abstract reveals that the invention discloses an ePaper surface film material and its preparation process. The ePaper surface film material includes a substrate layer, which comprises a first surface and a second surface arranged opposite to each other. The first surface is coated with a water vapor barrier coating layer, while the second surface is equipped with an anti-glare ultraviolet barrier layer. The water vapor barrier coating layer is made of any one of silicon-based oxide coating layer, silicon-based nitride coating layer, or metal oxide coating layer, and it is formed on the first surface through the process of atomic deposition coating. The anti-glare ultraviolet barrier layer is prepared from an anti-glare ultraviolet barrier liquid.

The ePaper surface film material of this invention achieves excellent water vapor barrier performance by utilizing the process of atomic deposition coating to prepare the water vapor barrier coating layer, which significantly improves the water vapor barrier rate of the overall surface film material from 10² to 10³, compared to the traditional water vapor barrier coating layer.