Global ePaper Industry Weekly Bulletin #27|Dasung Technology Releases a Portable Color ePaper Monitor

By   | Updated: 2024-03-21 14:07:46


Quadrant Lab, in collaboration with the ePaper Industry Alliance (EPIA) has launched the Quadrant.ePaper weekly bulletin, aiming to provide readers with insights on global industry innovations and the latest news on the ePaper industry and connecting the global IoT ecosystem.


01 Hisense Showcases a Refrigerator Decorated with Color ePaper at AWE 2024

Hisense showcased a refrigerator decorated with color-shifting ePaper at their booth at AWE 2024. In the top right corner of this side-by-side refrigerator, geometric patterns, weather icons, and temperature are displayed using color ePaper, with the ability to change the color of the geometric patterns and show the temperature in numbers. This product uses E Ink Prism3S technology to achieve a creative and personalized appearance. Previously, this color ePaper technology has been used in products such as Xiaomi's quadruped robot CyberDog 2 and BMW's color-shifting concept car, allowing for greater creative possibilities in appearance.


02 Dasung Technology Releases a Portable Color ePaper Monitor

Dasung Technology has released the world's first portable color ePaper monitor named Paperlike Color (12 inches). This portable screen, loved by digital enthusiasts, now features E Ink Kaleido 3 color ePaper technology with a 16:10 12-inch screen with a resolution of 2560x1200, built-in with Dasung Technology's X-Color Filter technology and DASUNG Turbo high refresh rate technology, achieving "ultra-fast refresh and extremely low latency."


03 Lenovo Subsidiary, LCFC, Showcases the Gemini Dual-screen ePaper Device

LCFC (Hefei) Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Lenovo, has designed a dual-screen ePaper device named "Gemini" and has won the iF Design Award. The device is like an enlarged version of a dual-screen folding phone, with two 7.8-inch black and white ePaper screens connected through a 360-degree hinge. When folded, it can be used as a small eReader, and when opened, it enters laptop mode, with the bottom screen serving as an electronic keyboard. The device will also come with a stylus with a built-in microphone for easy reading, note-taking, and recording.


04 Hanshow Technology Releases the Report "The Future of Physical Retail: Towards Green Digitalization with Friendly Inclusion"

Hanshow Technology released the report "The Future of Physical Retail: Towards Green Digitalization with Friendly Inclusion" at the 24th China Retail Industry Expo (CHINASHOP), co-written with Microsoft, Intel, and E Ink. The report suggests that green digitalization technology is empowering the refined operation management of physical retail by reducing energy consumption, optimizing supply chain management, revising product structures and inventory management, exploring sustainable business models, and enhancing the shopping experience for consumers, thus becoming the "dual engine" of growth for the retail industry.

Additionally, Hanshow Technology has launched the upgraded performance Hanshow Polaris Pro series electronic shelf labels and a new green digital store solution. The Hanshow Polaris Pro series electronic shelf labels feature a higher screen-to-body ratio, rich color display, and user-friendly replaceable battery design, helping reduce paper waste, improve price accuracy, and enhance the visual appeal of retail stores. Furthermore, Hanshow also showcased dynamic in-store marketing and AI-based solutions to help retailers optimize operations through precise promotions and real-time data analysis, enabling a more intelligent and sustainable business model.

Johnson Lee, Chairman of E Ink, said that the cooperation between E Ink and Hanshow Technology to promote the sustainable development of the retail industry has yielded remarkable results. In the future, the cooperation between the two parties will not only be limited to promoting the sustainable development of the retail industry, but also will be committed to promoting the development of smart cities, paving the way for more industrial applications such as retail, transportation, and medical care by promoting the innovation of ePaper technology and its energy-saving technologies, and jointly creating a more sustainable urban future.