The EPIA has recorded 100+ members

By EPIA  | Updated: 2022-02-08 10:54:29

Founded in February 2021, the E-paper Industry Alliance (EPIA) has now consisted of more than 100 members. By December, 2021, 102 enterprises have joined the EPIA, while many others are in the process of becoming a member. This milestone demonstrates a strong cohesion among the enterprises in the e-paper industry ecological chain.

2021 has not been easy, as the global pandemic has caused turmoil and posed significant challenges to many industries. However, it does not stop the ePaper industry continuously posting gains. The development of ePaper is guided under the national development strategy of "green and low-carbon, sustainable, and digital economy". Currently, ePaper has been widely used in the fields of e-book, new retail, education, transportation, healthcare, industry, aviation, logistics, and smart office. It has been gradually replacing traditional paper while facilitating the optimization of Internet of Things.

Looking back on 2021, the EPIA has fulfilled its duties and served its member enterprises in the following areas:

1.Industrial standards

In 2021, the EPIA has participated in the development of one international standard for logistics, one industrial standard for logistics, and one group standard for paperless meetings. It took the lead in the development of one group standard for logistics. There are four group standard development projects in education and civil aviation currently being proposed.

2.Industry data

The EPIA has cooperated with CCID Consulting, ePaper Insight and other professional organizations in creating a Blue Book for ePaper industry. The blue book is currently in its final stage, and includes market capacity measurements in eight ePaper application fields, value analysis of ePaper application industry, and the outlook of ePaper’s application in the fields of industry, finance and securities, government, etc.

3.Industry events

Online salons were held twice a month in order to provide service more frequently to a broader range of practitioners. Industrial professionals were invited to share experience in various fields under a variety of themes. “The salon playback” is offered for free to the member enterprises for employee training purposes.

4.Industrial connection

Since its establishment, the EPIA has successfully built connections among diverse parties for 95 projects.

5.Industrial publicity

The EPIA opened an immersive experience showroom – Creativity Beyond Paper, to showcase the innovative applications of ePaper technology. Since its opening in December 2021, the showroom has received a wide range of attention and acknowledgements from the visitors. Having the showroom as its base, the EPIA will carry out a series of actions to get more public engagement by means of new media communication.

6.Industrial convergence

On April 26-28, 2022, the EPIA and Shenzhen Internet of Things Industry Association will jointly create the ePaper Zone at The 17th International Internet of Things Exhibition. The exhibition will help member enterprises obtain cost-effective exhibition goals by providing assistance in integrating resources from the whole industry ecological chain.

In 2022, the EPIA aims to dig deeper in identifying the common needs and pain points of the industry, while providing services in more diverse forms. The EPIA sincerely welcomes member enterprises and industry partners to come and visit the showroom for idea exchange and mutual learning.

The EPIA wishes you a Year of the Tiger full of vitality and prosperity.